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The Finnish Respiratory Society board can be contacted via email: info(at)


Suomen keuhkolääkäriyhdistys on Euroopan keuhkolääkäriyhdistyksen (European Respiratory Society, ERS) jäsen. Suomen kansallinen edustaja ERS:issä on tällä hetkellä erikoislääkäri Hille Suojalehto (Työterveyslaitos) hille.suojalehto [at]

Raportti ERS National Delegates kokouksesta 2013: ERS_2013_edustaja_kokous_2013

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The UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists) is a non-governmental organisation representing national associations of medical specialists in Europe. The UEMS concentrates on improving and harmonising specialist medical training, thus facilitating free movement of doctors and improving the quality of health care in Europe.

The UEMS has numerous Specialist Sections, which are composed of medical specialists nominated by the national UEMS member associations. The Sections develop standards and formulate recommendations on the given specialty as well as draft the European curriculum in their field. The Finnish Medical Association nominates the Finnish representatives to each Section. The current representative for Finnish Respiratory Society in the UEMS Pneumology Section is Dr Paula Kauppi and Dr Eeva-Maija Nieminen.

More information can be found on the UEMS website